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Borrowing is easy. Paying the right cost for it is tough. Most will not analyse their financial stand to arrive at the right financing model. Result. Will end up paying more in interest and other costs. MERKS will help to analyse your individual financial numbers and suggest you the right solutions. Talk to us. We can work together.

SMEs. Corporates. Hospitals. Educational institutions. We have the right financing solutions for you. Both debt and equity. A highly qualified team in credits will provide the solutions for you.

Products and solutions

Home Loans
Thinking about your dream home? MERKS explores the market and brings you the best home loans at attractive interest rates and terms.

Mortgage Loans
If you are looking to raise money from an existing residential or commercial property, MERKS can arrange an attractive mortgage loan. We also ensure flexible terms with manageable EMIs that help you to pay off your loan conveniently.

Corporate Finance
MERKS supports your objective of maximizing value for your shareholders. We examine company finances and suggest investment options that are aimed at multiplying your holdings, thereby generating more value for your company and its shareholders.

Project Finance
Considering an expansion or about to launch a major project? MERKS helps corporates to arrange loans quickly so that their growth-oriented activities do not suffer due to lack of funding. We review the company's assets and liabilities and accordingly provide a funding plan that works to their interest.

Debt Syndication
For corporates that require substantial loans, MERKS works with leading banks and financial institutions to carve a loan from multiple sources to meet their needs. We work closely with the lenders in our network to ensure that you get the best deal with minimum hassle.

Term Loans
Term loans are useful to meet sudden surges in operating expenses. MERKS has a strong network of lenders who can provide structured loans on flexible payment terms within the shortest time possible.

Real Estate Financing
Real estate is a competitive sector where businesses need to act fast to take advantage of current opportunities. MERKS understands this very well. We assess the finances of the company and suggest loan products that work to their advantage.


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